The Host (2006)

The Host (2006)


As it has accomplished for a long time, the Han River keeps on penetrating the actual focus of the capital city Seoul. However, one day in the year 2000, through a sad episode, an animal of a dark nature is considered in the waters of the stream. As the animal gradually begins to fill in the profundities of the waterway, individuals neglect to detect indications of an approaching catastrophe, giving themselves to the Korea-Japan World Cup soccer finals, the Presidential races and to their singular lives.
Then, at that point, one day in 2005, before endless residents going for a walk and partaking in the end of the week on the banks of the Han River, the animal uncovers itself in a stunning showcase of ghastliness and mass butcher. In a moment, the riverbank is transformed into a horrifying ocean of blood. The principal character Gang Du is a man who spends dreary days working a lunch room close to the waterway. On that day of extraordinary obliteration, he observes his solitary little girl eaten up by the animal just before his eyes.

Other Name: 괴물

Released: Jul. 27, 2006



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