The Heart of Genius (2022)

The Heart of Genius (2022)


On the day Lin Zhao Xi’s dad was determined to have Alzheimer’s sickness, she hears the news that her long-lasting crush was traveling to another country for additional investigations. Pei Zhi’s perseverance in the street of math has caused Lin Chao Xi to understand that she can never overcome any issues among herself and a genuine virtuoso. Nonetheless, two excursions to an equal world permits Lin Zhao Xi to find her own true capacity. Lin Zhao Xi’s life has been not exactly good after she graduated as a way of thinking major. The seeds of math have for quite some time been imparted somewhere inside her heart yet she had no fearlessness because of her long-term profound respect for her dad Old Lin and first love Chu Pei Zhi who are both math prodigies. Everything changes when she bafflingly goes through existence. Coming to an equal world interestingly, Lin Zhao Xi is just 12 years of age here.

Through the assistance of Old Lin, she does her absolute best at the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Camp. In her subsequent excursion, she goes to her senior year of secondary school. Close by Pei Zhi, she slowly assembles up the mental fortitude to confront life. Back in her own reality, Lin Zhao Xi is planning for her postgraduate tests while taking part in displaying challenges to assist her family through prize rewards. To help Old Lin who experiences Alzheimer’s sickness, Lin Zhao Xi and Pei Zhi hold hands to advance the exploration of the P=NP issue and move to the zenith of science together.

Other Name: 天才基本法


Released: Jul. 22, 2022



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