Street Alcohol Fighter 2 (2022)

Street Alcohol Fighter 2 (2022)


It’s been a long wait, huh? 💚 Street Alcohol Fighter is back 💚 Make some noise! No! Raise your glasses!🥃 Where are we starting Street Alcohol Fighter Season 2? 🍒 : Wine… How have you been…? Alcohol store that began EP1 of Season 1 Finally getting the 13.5 million won wine🍾 Hmm… There’s no way it’ll be an easy feat.^^~ The returning six crystals✨ Sechs Kies Jiwon and Suwon! Sweet guys that brought alcohol gifts in honor of the first episode. Want to drink some soju with them? 🍶

Other Name: 술트리트 파이터

Released: Nov. 11, 2021



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Street Alcohol Fighter 2 (2022) trailer:

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