Pom Pang Ban (2022)

Pom Pang Ban (2022)


In AD 2015, the Ayutthaya army attacked the city of Viranakhon. Sen, the colonel, knew that he could no longer win, so he killed people and used magic to protect the country. Sen also killed his friend Muran. Before dying, Muran cursed Chen to return to the world. A girl named Khem Hom wakes up every night with hazy dreams as if she is in the midst of ancient country wars. When Chem Hom saw Deng Thang, he felt the pain in Deng Thang’s heart as if he had known him for a long time. It was related to a girl named Antnin, Khem Hom’s older sister. Every time Deng Thang was close to Khem Hom turned into a bond. But her older sister forbade Dan Thang and Khem Hom’s relationship without knowing why.

Other Name: ป้อมปางบรรพ์

Released: Oct. 11, 2022




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