P.S. I Hate You (2022)

P.S. I Hate You (2022)


A mystery tape of Phanthiwa is uncovered at her wedding to Phureenat. Embarrassed by the episode, she sets out to end it all. It was just her five-man companion bunch who knew Phantiwa’s confidential. Meena attempts to track down the guilty party. During her examination, Meena needs to dig through Phanthiwa’s set of experiences with her ex, Pitch. The more she digs, the hazier reality with regards to the faction’s relationship gets.

Thidawal is taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Chanon, Meena’s sweetheart. Methacha is subtly shot and extorted by Korawee who is the new sweetheart of Metacha’s mom. Saratsawadee, who is by all accounts a sweet safe lady, is the courtesan of Captain Key. She is firmly observed by Key’s better half Natthamol and Lieutenant Term, Natthamol’s cousin. Palana, a strange young lady in their companion cycle, may hold a few mysteries.

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Released: Aug. 01, 2022



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