Meeting You Is Luckiest Thing to Me (2022)

Meeting You Is Luckiest Thing to Me (2022)


The narrative follows Lin Xi and Ji Jun Xing, two middle school students, as they tell a sweet love story about two people who developed empathy as they grew up together.

Lin Xi is a girl who loves horror movies, has a high IQ, and is full of strength and vitality. She transforms into a fierce heroine when someone is bullied and has no trouble resolving various issues. In contrast, Ji Jun Xing is an all-around student of computer software programming who is a cold, straightforward, and reserved individual. He is Lin Xi’s friend and classmate. Despite the fact that he appears cold from the outside, he is actually a warm man who is not good at showing emotion.

Other Name: Time Is Just Right With Him , Shi Guang Yu Ta, Qia Shi Zheng Hao , 時光與他,恰是正好

Released: Dec. 25, 2022



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