Guo’s Summer (2022)

Guo’s Summer (2022)


A gathering of disappointed center men continually looking at against one another track down the need to “bundle” themselves. Zhang Wei Guo has gotten rich short-term just to fall into obligation similarly quick. Subsequent to encountering extraordinary delights and incredible distress, he at long last eliminates his mask to confront his actual self.

Zhang Wei Guo is a moderately aged man who is still a generally secret entertainer in the Peking Opera Troupe. As a customary resident dwelling in a Beijing Hutong, he is blissful very much like a goldfish that is satisfied in his own little world. Until one day, his dad bites the dust and numerous surprising inconveniences result. The series of blows in his day to day existence and destitution powers Zhang Wei Guo to ponder rolling out an improvement. He understands that he was excessively smug and isolates from the world during the primary portion of his life. During the time spent testing himself, he arrives at the top yet loses himself. Nonetheless, his loved ones guide him to understand the genuine significance of life

Other Name: 张卫国的夏天

Released: Jul. 18, 2022



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