Divided Heart (2022)

Divided Heart (2022)


Even though they are twins, they have problems with each other. After the death of their mother, Sin (Kyo) and Tawan Chai (Kye)

They became less and less aware of each other.Blaming her mother for her father’s death. A scorpion who hated his father left the house.

When Nalin (Nun), a beautiful teacher from the Department of Science, returned to Thailand

The three twins became friends while meeting the twin brothers. Nalin’s neighbor, a four-year-old student

Contacting Nalin and Aung due to Sinsin’s request for help. I secretly fell in love with the nearest stage.

Suddenly, the father of Sin and Tawan Chai was killed. When witnesses are missing, Wan Chai is her best friend

He sought the help of Netiwat and tried to investigate the case. While investigating the case, his older brother, Sinha, unexpectedly

Arrested as a murder suspect….

Other Name: สายเลือดสองหัวใจ


Released: Jun. 26, 2022





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