Ameiro Paradox (2022)

Ameiro Paradox (2022)


As a reporter at a weekly magazine, Satoshi Onoe takes pride in his ability to write well and report ethically. But when the stakeout teams are shuffled around in light of a new investigation, Onoe ends up being paired up with the one and only Motoharu Kaburagi, an ill-mannered photographer who spells nothing but trouble. Onoe, who secretly regards Kaburagi as his biggest rival, absolutely despises him and his haphazard and unethical reporting methods, with the two bickering constantly. However, much to Onoe’s surprise, his annoyance soon begins to shift as he spends more time with Kaburagi, and his feelings towards his arch nemesis turn a bit sweeter…

Other Name: 飴色パラドックス

Released: Dec. 15, 2022


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